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Teedup Quick Facts

In most cases, we expect the first distribution to be paid out 6-12 months from closing. From that point, we target quarterly distributions. The investor returns begin accruing from the closing date.

The usual range is 3-24 months depending on the deal. The transition plan from the current owner to the new ownership is a critical piece to figure out prior to closing on a transaction to ensure a successful investment.

After a purchase the company goes through a normalization period for cashflows and operations.

In this period, their are unordinary costs associated with the acquisition and the Sellers are receiving large payouts from the Company’s cash and accounts receivable to reconcile to the agreed Working Capital Target. Company cashflows during this period are with a range of predictability, but, by design, are not set in stone. Throughout this period the Company cash reserves must be built back up to ensure the health of the Company.

During this period, the Company is also going through the Transition Period, in which the Entrepreneurs must be trained by the Sellers to successfully takeover management of the Company operations and lead its growth.

While both of these events are happening, we set expectations that the first distribution doesn’t come back for 6-12 months. Paying out returns before the Company’s cash flows and cash reserves are at a healthy level puts the business at risk. Although, cash is not being distributed, investor returns are being accrued from the closing date. Investors are paid these returns prior to TEEDUP receiving compensation per the aligned performance model of the firm.

TEEDUP is a private equity firm creating investment opportunities for individuals looking to build wealth through alternative investments. TEEDUP invests in established, cash-flowing companies that have been in existence for 5+ years. We charge no management fees and only make money after our investors make money. The 100% performance-based model forces thorough evaluation and attentive stewardship of the companies and investor dollars. With that compensation structure, our existence serves as a direct testament to our investor success.

TEEDUP is investing in companies with successful operational histories of 5+ years. Our partner companies are a part of a growing ecosystem of companies designed to cultivate the healthy growth of all involved through strategic partnerships, utilizing each others’ services, and managerial support from the TEEDUP portfolio manager.

If you have considered selling your company, or have thought “with some investment partners, we could really grow to the next level”, we would love to chat.

At this time, you might be thinking, ”I do want to sell or grow to the next level, but we are not ready right now. I want to do this in 1-5 years” then now is the right to begin the conversation.

Seriously, in a deal there is a solution for almost everything except for a lack of time. If we have 1-5 years almost every option for a successful transition is open to us depending on your ideal vision for your involvement.

So what is TEEDUP?

TEEDUP is a private equity firm creating investment opportunities for private individuals looking to build wealth through alternative investments.


Interesting. It’s a pretty competitive game in private equity, what makes you guys different?

TEEDUP has a specific niche in established, cash-flowing companies that have been in existence for 5+ years. Simply by winning the war of attrition these companies are better than 65% of other companies in the market and can produce passive income for investors for the foreseeable future.


Really. Ok, so how does your company make money then?

Many investment firms will adopt a 2/20 model. That means that 2% of the fees of the money raised will go to the firm whether the investors make a dime of profit or not. TEEDUP has no management fees and only wins after its investors win. In order for TEEDUP to make money, our investors must have gotten their preferred returns first.


How can you afford to do that?

There’s two parts to that answer. First, we payout distributions to investors quarterly and reconcile the preferred rate of return. As long as the returns are on schedule, TEEDUP gets paid at that time as well. The second part is less of a secret, we have to steward our investments well.  The company must be one that has the infrastructure to support a change in ownership, and that performs in the future to support investor returns. There are no shortcuts, the company must be a winner.


Is that risky?

Of course, there’s risk. We can control the risk by investing in established companies with competitive advantages in established and growing industries. We also conservatively underwrite all our deals, making sure that they pencil out assuming little to no YoY company growth.


We put our confidence in the promise of Jesus when He said…

I come that they may have life and have it to the full.

– Jesus



Teedup is a mission-minded holding company that exists to authentically empower and equip people to live life to the fullest. We prioritize healthy, long-term relationships with trajectories of 20+ years. We achieve these purposes by leading syndicated, full or partial, acquisitions into profitable and established companies to support owners in the execution of an exit or growth.

Mission-minded to us means, It is purposeful. It puts people-first. It means we have a mission where great companies transcends a single individual person. To do that we must have a mission that is bigger than just ourselves. We are constantly aware of how all our partnerships are moving us closer to our big mission of practicing biblical stewardship of our time, energy, and resources — resulting in living a bigger life.


As a part of this goal, we want to impact you, dead-center where you spend most of your life — in your daily grind. We believe that by radically applying God’s design for work to your business, we can create some of the most positively impactful and profitable organizations on the planet. As this success is achieved through mutual sacrifice and service, we desire that stewardship of resources would be the next practice you excel at. Often stewardship involves money, but time, energy, and influence are assets leaders of exceptional companies must also use for good. We want your legacy to be one of eternal impact today. That’s a full life.

Relentlessly building these types of organizations fires us up. But just as inspiring are the people we get to build these companies with. We partner with investors who want to use healthy capital to build impactful businesses. The partnership of investors, business owners, general managers, and employees can create extreme value for every customer when executed properly. As a fellow investor, we help you partner with the right companies to make an exceptional return on your investment, both in financial return and impact on people’s lives.

We’re passionate about recognizing and embracing the power of blessings, not just for ourselves but so that we can pay it forward to others. It’s more than a philosophy-it’s how we live in service of something greater!  By partnering with exceptional investors and business owners, we want to build organizations so blessed and abundant that they begin overflowing.

Let's make something great together


Strategy + Investment

Giving people and companies capital to accelerate growth

Founded in 2018 to positively impact lives, Teedup firmly believes that we are blessed to be a blessing.

Our mission is simple – help our partners, founders, employees and communities live more meaningful lives. We believe that success isn’t just about reaching financial goals; it’s also about fostering genuine relationships based on authenticity for the long-term. That’s why we put people first in everything we do.

We have an ambitious mission to create financial vehicles of impact. By partnering with healthy companies and great investors, we strive to uncover opportunities that generate strong cash flow while scaling up their growth potential. Our current focuses include established businesses providing a minimum 15% cash-flowing rate of return before appreciations are factored in; however, our vision stretches beyond the world of services, startups, and real estate investments!

We firmly believe that we are blessed to be a blessing; and we want to see that lived out through you.

Let’s get a little personal — that’s what we are all About.

Market Discovery

Every thought, innovation, or design is based on discovering.  It is not so much in the way we do it, nor in the how we do it, but in the why we do it that makes our discoveries unique.

Measured Stewardship

Our approach is guided by measured stewardship and pragmatic views. We are committed to optimizing outcomes for founders and investors through continuous improvement.

People Centered

We are about the well-being and the wholeness of our founders. It’s not just about equipping them and leaving them to it. It’s about long term outlook and better futures.

Innovate, Analyze, Measure, Optimize. Repeat

Working With Us

We are not afraid of commitment. We are committed to your company’s accelerated growth, optimized sales, marketing, admin, and operating systems, strong support through the pressures and obstacles of exponential business growth, and partners committed to your personal and professional long term development.  Long term commitment -  yeah we’re into it.

We invest in companies and individuals that we feel a personal connection to – the ones who make products so essential, you can’t imagine life without them. Everyday items may not be glamorous but they are incredibly valuable!

We are not looking to turnaround companies. We are looking for companies that turn our heads. Companies with healthy legacies to carry-on and expand. You have put something into your company that resonates with the world and we want to help you take this to the next level or be your successful exit.

Minimum 15% Annualized Cash on Cash returns to investors before factoring in appreciation. Immediately cash-flowing long-term investment opportunities.

A few acquisitions and bright spots

Our ambition for our founders is to live life more fully, both today and long into the future. We strive to build businesses that create lasting success not just in terms of numbers but also positive changes with a far-reaching impact on people's lives.

Let's make something great together