What are the most effective ways to drive sales using social media marketing? | TEEDUP Solutions

Ultimately, in social media marketing you are content marketing. You must have engaging content in order to reach your target audience and get them to pay attention to your business.

So Step 1: Create engaging content.

Notice I did not say “great” content. “Great” can refer to the quality of the film, audio, etc.. No. That is not what you are focusing on just yet. You are focusing on getting engaging content out there that people respond to. This be done simply with an iPhone these days.

From there, you need to direct people down the next step in your sales process. This is likely 1 of 3 directions.

  • Direct people to your website
  • Direct people to have a meeting with you
  • Direct people to make a purchase directly on your social media platform (if the platform allows)

Which of these steps you choose depends on your business. For instance, many ecommerce businesses can direct people to make a purchase on social media or a website. Businesses with more involved purchases need to have meetings with the client to discuss the deal.

The ability to create content consistently is crucial to winning with social media.  Video content is by far the best performing content medium on social media.  To learn more about video marketing click here https://teedupinc.com/2019/04/30/should-i-use-video-content-for-my-business/

So Step 2: Direct people to take action

Lastly, you need to analyze your results and refine your approach. This is the most important part of the process.

Like the great philosopher once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” -Mike Tyson.

When you implement your plan there will be things that work and things that fail. Your marketing plan must be flexible to cater exactly to your business.

But this does not mean pointless changes with no direction. This means that you must look at the hard data and revise your plan accordingly. For example, say your website is getting a lot of traffic but you are not getting many leads. You need someone to go in and look at your website analytics to see what is causing the lack of leads. When you look at the analytics you could see that many people make it to the contact page, but not many people fill out the information.

Given that information you can streamline your contact page to be more user friendly. This can have a predicted increase from 2% to 13% of users now fill out your contact page. From that information and your close rate, you can make a prediction of how that change would increase your revenue.

So Step 3: Analyze and Revise

In Summary,

So Step 1: Create engaging content.

Step 2: Direct people to take action.

Step 3: Analyze and Revise.

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