Thought On a Plane | TEEDUP Solutions

I don’t know if anybody else feels the pressure that I feel to perform when another person gives me their hard-earned money, because they have a sincere desire to achieve a higher goal, and they have faith that I am the one to help them accomplish that goal. I probably should not put this much weight on myself. I know the world will keep on turning with or without me. I could likely do a better job for my clients if I did not fear failing them so much. But this is the way I am.

At this time, I need to use this characteristic as leverage. It causes me to over prepare… and still there is always more to prepare for. It causes me to overwork… and still there is always more work to be done. It causes me to try to do more… and to fail… and still there is more failure to be had. Why keep doing this?

I could be living an easy-going life right now. I am in my twenties. I have not had a seriously scarring event in my life. I have the rest of my life to work and stress. I have a good family. In the life I was born into, I can afford to coast. Why keep doing this? Why not take the easy road and live a peaceful life of self-fulfillment?

Because I have found that a life of self-fulfillment is not fulfilling. I have lived that life. But my eyes were opened to the world, and I found that once I became aware, I was unable to sit back and just live my life as people are unable to live theirs all around me. I am too compelled to just sit back these days.

I have met too many people who are more talented, higher skilled, smarter, stronger, funnier, more charismatic, harder-working, more innovative, more practical, in better shape, you name it.

Guess what I have that they may not. An opportunity.

I have been granted opportunities that I never should have been granted because of what I was born into. I want to turn around and give other people the opportunity to change their legacy for the better. I have to succeed so that they can succeed so that their children can succeed and so on.

This situation is personal to me. The people that I talk about are my friends. Everyday I continue to reach out and meet new people whom I have the pleasure to know and whom I will fight for their opportunity as well. Many I have met in football. Many outside of football. All different backgrounds. All different stories. All deserving of an opportunity. That is why I keep going everyday. The bigger TeedUp grows, the bigger its power for good grows. The more opportunities I can offer to those who are deserving of the chance to chase a dream. I’m not talking about a job. I am talking about offering a calling. Let me explain.

Someone may come on the team and after 5 years of helping businesses grow, they want to travel. At another company, at a job, this would not work. You would have to quit your job and lose your income in order to have the freedom to travel. The travel would be liberating, but unless you have an income, you wouldn’t be travelling for very long. But at TeedUp, if your calling is to travel, I want to be able to sponsor that travel indefinitely. I can see a need for a TeedUp travel blogger, a TeedUp travel videographer, a TeedUp international events coordinator who travels the world for various events in amazing locations, and on and on.

Say travel isn’t your thing, but you were fascinated with another industry. Say you had an odd combination of passions. Say you were interested in personal financial literacy and fashion. Well you know you are going to need a good marketing plan to help your target audience wrap their heads around that idea. Perfect. I know a great marketing company. I’ll talk to the owner… he said he would love to help make that happen.

We want you to be able to pursue your dreams. That is the difference between a job and a calling.

It would be the most fulfilling experience to be able to provide that opportunity for those people and for the world. It is a big dream. I know that. Most of my dreams are big and plenty have failed. Most people did not think that we would get this far. (Ask any of my friends lol). But, here we are. We are moving closer to that goal everyday. Just like all those that TeedUp will help one day, all we need is an opportunity.