Harness the power of CRM implementation, standardized sales systems, and workflow automation to create sales channels that will scale.

What are the 3 steps to getting your system TEEDUP?

Implement a Sales CRM
The PROPER implementation of your CRM lays a foundation for the entire sales process. Your CRM is the central source of truth for a sales team, providing visibility that leads to productivity. Team members will be able to see all of their leads, monitor open deals, stay on top of daily tasks, and view productivity reports to evaluate sales performance through your CRM. Now that all your processes have been centralized, you can standardize your team’s approach to sales.
Standardize your Sales Process
Your sales process should run like a machine, providing the same high-quality experience for each one of your leads. But if your sales team does not have standardized procedures for handling each lead, your potential customer’s experience will change significantly from one rep to another, and good fits for your company fall straight through the cracks. A standardized sales system gives your team clear direction for working each deal to a close, and ensures the best experience for your leads, which fuels your top-line! With your sales process now being highly scalable, it’s time to harness automation and make your pipeline run on autopilot.
Automate your Pipeline

Does your sales team like to handle data entry? How about sending those repetitive emails? If they are like the rest of the world, probably not. But sales professionals aren’t like the rest of the world…they like those tedious tasks even less. This is why sales workflow automations will be your team’s best friend, helping them send follow-up emails to hot leads, update their pipeline with recently closed business, and reach out to new opportunities…automatically. Keep your team managing the personal side of sales while their tools take care of manual tasks. We want your sellers selling!

These steps help your sales team close more deals in less time. Sales helps your company climb the ladder, and TEEDUP Systems wants to take your team to the next level…and keep climbing.

TEEDUP Systems Services


For small organizations
that want to standardize
their sales process and
automate basic



For mid-sized organizations
with sales teams looking
for the boost that a
fine-tuned sales process
and workflow automations
will give them.



For large organizations that
have an established sales
process but need to eliminate
manual tasks and take
advantage of advanced
automations and integrations.


*Pricing does not include software subscriptions or HubSpot Onboarding costs.

1990 N. California 8th Floor, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

1990 N. California 8th Floor,
Walnut Creek, CA 94596