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It’s 2019, by now you know that you should be in the game.  You need to have an online presence.  If you are looking to grow, it is too good an opportunity to pass up.

So where do you start?  You own a business and that is your full-time job.  How do you get a website?  You do not know the first thing about coding.  Even if you did, you do not have the time to build your website from scratch and run your business.

Then you see an ad online for an awesome new invention.  A platform that helps you build yourself a website with a user-friendly interface, and best of all…


Wow! That sounds incredible!  You jump at the chance.  The next day, yes, THE NEXT DAY, you have a working website for your business.  This is great.  You click that button on the slick user-friendly interface to make your site live and… nothing happens.

Business continues as normal.  Except now you have, at best, an annoying $30 charge coming out of your account every month.  More likely, you have been up sold and you are paying $100-$300 a month for no return.  What is the actual cost?

2 out of every 3 businesses will last two years

That’s $300 X 24 months = $7,200!  And here’s the real problem, that is money down the drain.  For any of those platforms, you are spending over $7,000 with no return on that investment.

For a brand new business, $7,200 can mean the difference between success and failure!

This is the story of 90% of businesses the first time they build their website.  Trust me, I know from experience.  Here is the problem with all of this.  Essentially, you have been sold by the old “Get rich quick scheme.”  So many people are getting great results from marketing online, you thought you would too.  But no one told you how you really see the results that matter to you.

Here is how it is done.  With cookie-cutter platforms such as Shopify, Square-space, Click-funnels, and Wix, your website does nothing for your except hold your place on the web.  It is a place-holder.  If you want to see any returns on your investment, you must manually drive traffic and leads to your site.  Essentially, you are now a full-time marketer and running your original business at the same time.

There are people that do this.  They succeed using these tools because they make videos, write blogs, constantly engage on social media, build email lists, host/manage their website, copy-write, create webinars, stay up with all the trends on the web, and are really good at branding.

There is nothing wrong with that.  It has made people very successful.  But most people fail, because they have an inaccurate assumption of what it takes to succeed.

Unfortunately, there are people online that will say that you can make millions of dollars by working 10 minutes a day from anywhere in the world. (This is a literal ad I saw yesterday).

Sound unrealistic?  It is.

To be clear, I am a firm believer in marketing online.  It has caused and supplemented many people’s success.  Check out Kylie Jenner.  Like her or not, she has just become the youngest self-made billionaire.  How did she do it?  Largely because she leveraged social media and other online platforms.  Other examples are Dollar Shave Club and Nike.  I fully believe that everyone should market online.  You just need to know what you are getting into.  You need to know how to succeed.  I don’t want you to think that, without any marketing or work on your part, you can open your store by tomorrow and have $100,000 in sales by tomorrow night.

To succeed you must be willing to put all of that effort in yourself, or hire someone to do it.

Here is when I would suggest hiring as your best option.

  • When you don’t have the time to dedicate to marketing yourself full-time
  • When you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars over time with no return


With a marketing agency, you have a team that is dedicated to working smarter AND harder for you!  Your digital presence is like one giant pulley system, with everything providing leverage to everything else to help boost your business.

It looks like this…

First and foremost, the marketer works with you personally to completely capture the feel and experience of your business.

Then your website is built and optimized. This is your home base for marketing. Your digital command post. It is designed user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and to perform FAST. There’s a pulley.

Beyond that, your website is then aggressively optimized to show up in organic searches.  This is the most important part of a website.  Even more important that the website itself.  Most importantly, you must be able to be found! Pulley number two.

Build that list!  Your email list will be one of your most important supporting assets to your marketing plan.  This is free communication that you completely control.  Email and Phone is unadulterated direct lines of communication with your customers.  Very important pulley.

From there, your Social Media Platforms are created in order to support your website.  Social media is literally free traffic and visibility.  There is no reason not to be on them.  Another free pulley.

Now it’s time to create content.  Consistently.  Content is created to

a.) educate
b.) entertain
c.) execute.  Many times all at the same time.  High-quality content will drive business to your already highly performing site.  Pulley number 5.

Advertise.  You have a high-powered website, high-quality content, and you still have money left to advertise.  See if you promote bad content, you are expediting your demise.  But now you look so good online that you want to promote yourself.  It is the perfect time to do that.  Those dollars will end up going a lot farther now too.

See what happened there?  You now have someone who is using your money to work smarter AND harder.  The content is being consistently created at a high-level and you have a high-powered website designed to give you results.  That is what an all inclusive marketing agency gives to you.

What results?  Quality leads and customers.

That means money in your pocket.

The best part,

You can get that value for the same price as you would end up spending on the cookie-cutter site… just the cookie-cutter site.

When you think about it that way, it doesn’t seem like such a good deal.

I know this from experience.  My first three businesses failed on Shopify, because I didn’t understand the platform.

If you want a placeholder website and are ok with no results, then go ahead with Shopify, Squarespace, Clickfunnels, and Wix.

If you want to get results, call an agency.

TeedUp is a full-time all-inclusive marketing agency.  We have helped businesses grow their online presence by as much as 300%.  If you are interested in this growth for your business, give us a call.  We would love to hear from you.