Authentically empowering and
equipping people to live life to the fullest.

Hi, my name is Adam

and thank you so much for checking us out!

If you are on this page, you either stumbled upon it or intentionally searched it to checkout “who” or “what” is TEEDUP? If you are looking to conduct business with one of our associated companies or organizations, you can do so by navigating to the “partners” page in our menu and selecting the party in which you are interested.

If you are curious about the purpose of TEEDUP, you are in the right spot. Here I would love to take the time to share a little bit about who we are at TEEDUP and extend the invitation for you to connect with us and do the same.

My brother, Ben, and I founded TEEDUP in 2018 with a singular passion to authentically empower and equip people to live the full life Jesus refers to in Jn. 10:10 when He describes His mission on Earth.

So why found a business? Well, there are several practical reasons and some philosophical reasons.

First of all, we need an outlet to apply our understandings. They are no good if they are merely theoretical.

Secondly, so many biblical teachings and understandings are about humans and human interaction. So, what better place to apply these understandings than in an environment where people must work together as a team?

Thirdly, a for-profit company would come with pros and cons.


  1. It would practically provide for us financially.
  2. It would provide for others financially.
  3. It would prevent others from saying that our message was shared for financial gain. We would financially gain from a product or service that was unrelated to the message and the profits could then fund the efforts to share the gospel.
    1. There are many good churches and other non-profit organizations, which we strongly support and are worthy of the financial donations they receive. In fact, for-profit companies actually want these organizations to cease because of the tax benefits to their companies. But the non-profit structure did not seem to be the right fit for what we were looking to create.


  1. There would be a risk of greed.
  2. There would be a risk of

We do not want to even risk diluting the message of the accessibility of the fullness of life, by giving someone the opportunity to claim that we are spreading a message for monetary gain.

Instead, we saw a for-profit

Company as a way to financially provide for us,

Anyone to say that we were sharing a message in hopes of receiving a donation. No if we were all about the money, we would honestly refrain from sharing any message about religion or politics except for where it seemed to support our business. And, with notable exceptions, it generally does not help a business to side one way or another regarding religion or politics.

We believe the number one factor in determining the fullness of a person’s life is the quality of their relationships, starting with their relationship with God and including their relationship with others as well as themselves.

The quality of a one’s relationships have been scientifically proven to be more critical than financial success, physical health, and even mental health to the quality of a person’s life.

In business, these relationships provide us with strategic resources, as well as overall happiness and joy, which gives us a competitive advantage.

For instance, we can successfully provide value in ventures that may be seemingly unrelated and outside of TEEDUP’s core business. How is this possible? Well, it would not be if we did not have relationships with experts in the specific field. These high-quality relationships increase overall joy, productivity, and capacity of our stakeholders, which does the same for our company.

For these reasons,

Our business strategy is to invest in ventures that first give our stakeholders the best relationships. After that we consider all the usual factors including financial opportunity.

Now let’s be clear, neither this philosophy nor this understanding will prove to be perfect. Hey, we love God, but only God is perfect.

There will be ventures that inevitably prove to be mistakes. When those occur, people will look back in hindsight and explain in eloquent detail why such an idea could never work. Ironically, their great idea will be to tear apart another’s great idea and they may make a lot of money doing this.

Yet when some ventures prove abundantly successful, some people will similarly look back and credit those unique connections in other industries from which we could obtain key resources and competitive advantages leading to the success of a venture.

Attempting to foresee and create something successful will prove harder than hindsight analysis… and we will make mistakes… and we will learn.

So, let’s talk about it. Why do we so boldly and some would say inappropriately, speak about God in our business?

It’s a simple answer: because we are followers of Christ first. How could we say we are living our fullest lives while removing God out of one of the biggest areas of our lives?

There will be some that do

Not like our business because we put the name of Yahweh on the forefront.

If we ran a business where we did not mention God, there would be those who call us hypocrites for only being a Christian outside of business of the business-world. By boldly putting God out there, we are reminded that everything we do is a witness for Christ first.

Again, this does NOT mean we are perfect or that we are the saviors of the world. It does mean we believe that what we do matters.

Given that description, what is TEEDUP? TEEDUP truly is a people company. We go where our people have the opportunity and we can fulfill the mission to authentically empower and equip people to live life to the fullest.

We want to be involved where we see an opportunity that 1) aligns with our mission 2) is in something in which we believe we can provide value and 3) we have the needed resources.

Everything we do has a different part to play in the ultimate mission and Lord-willing we progress further on that mission every single day.

Hopefully this has provided some helpful information about TEEDUP. With that, feel free to browse around the site and/or reach out if you would like to get in touch with us. Looking forward to our paths crossing soon!

1990 N. California 8th Floor, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

1990 N. California 8th Floor,
Walnut Creek, CA 94596