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As Google Ads grow, so does the importance of keyword research.  In the legal field competition is fierce for the top keywords.  How will you gain an edge?  One of the ways is through smart keyword research.

Did you know? The keyword phrase “personal injury lawyer” has 49,500 average monthly searches on Google. That’s a lot. It’s not just a lot. It’s also a high value keyword.  Think about it, a good personal injury case can be worth over a million dollars.  If the case were worth $1 million, the attorney fees would be 33%-40% dependent on whether or not the case went to trial.  33% of $1 million would be $330,000 dollars. That one click on the website could be worth $330,000 dollars! That makes the fairly steep cost per click of $124, for that keyword phrase, seem paltry.  Trade away $124 for $330,000? Any day.  Twice a day if you would let me.

Say you changed the phrasing just a tad.  Instead of “personal injury lawyer” you run an ad for “personal injury attorney”.  Well, in changing that one word, you have cut your possible reach in half.  More than in half.  The keyword phrase “personal injury attorney” receives an average of 22,200 thousand searches per month.  Still a lot.  But significantly less, especially when you consider that the cost per click is virtually the same at $120 and the competition is only minimally less.

This example shows how dramatically picking the right keywords can affect your business online.  So how do you choose the right keywords?  Well, you can randomly pick them and get right some of the time.  But that is not efficient, and most businesses are not willing to be so careless with their money.  The other way to choose the right keywords is to research.

There are some very useful tools available online for keyword research.

These 3 are widely regarded as some of the top tools.  All keyword research tools are best used while cross-referencing with

These other tools offer references that Google does not.  But there are trillions of keywords and trillions more keyword combinations.  These tools scrape data from Google and websites to get their analytics, but it may take many months for keywords to get indexed and updated with search information.  Google’s Keyword Planner is the most accurate.  When you cross-reference the keywords, if the information is similar between Google and the other tools (Ahrefs, Moz, SEMRush, etc) you can, and should, take the other metrics provided into consideration when building your strategy.

Keyword research is essential to your marketing as a lawyer.  58% of possible clients sign with the first law firm that they have a meaningful conversation with.  Law firms are not something that the everyday person is searching online.  People just do not Google XYZ Law Firm for kicks.  People search for lawyers when they have a need.  Most of the time, an urgent need.  You need to meet the people where they are at, in their time of need, to get those meaningful conversations.

Since 2015, Google has been the highest referral source for lawyers.  If you want to get those meaningful conversations, you need to research what your target audience is searching show up for those searches.

Accurate keyword research will save you in marketing dollars and put you in the position to sign the cases you want from the largest lawyer referral source.

You make the decision, if digital marketing is right for you.  If it is, then keyword research should be your next step and we can help.

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