Are You Not Entertained? | TEEDUP Solutions

Business is interesting. Many people think of business as boring and dry, but it does not have to be. Many of the people in business can appear boring and dry because they suppress their emotion in order to think more rationally.  While not entertaining, this is a strength in the business world. Those who can master their emotions are often masters over those who can’t. But, business itself is actually very interesting. We want to capture that in a way that is both educational and entertaining for the public. We are thinking of 5 ideas for TeedUp video series. Let me know what you would be most interested in.

1. “Who’s TeedUp?”

A video series documentary style with each episode featuring different business. It will tell the unique story of the entrepreneur/business owner and the business itself. The people that we feature will be both well-known and unknown. There are two premises. First, you do not have to look only to Apple, Google, Amazon, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos to learn how to succeed. We can learn from “normal” people around us in addition to the most well-known people. Often, unknown are those who most deserve to be known.  Second, stories are the best and most entertaining way to learn. Our brains are wired to remember things that we have an emotional attachment with. We will tell the stories of the entrepreneurs/business owners/businesses in the series in a way that is both educational and entertaining. This story should inspire you to find a new appreciation and respect for those around you.

2. “Who’s TeedUp Next?”

Similar to “Who’s TeedUp?” in format and emphasis on storytelling. But, this will focus on entrepreneurs/business owners that are at the beginning stages of their journey. They will have the beginning results that show loads of potential in the future. These are the people (of any age) that could be the next millionaire near you.

3. “TeedUp Q’s”

A video that allows the audience to be a fly on the wall at BBQ’s with hustlers of all ages, stages, and industries. We would come together to have round table discussions along with individual interviews on relevant topics, challenges, lessons learned, etc. This would be edited together to create a cohesive storyline. Everyone in this group of people is driven to succeed at a high-level. But the interesting thing would be that no one has any guarantee of success. When looking around the table, you will see people that are going to make it big sitting right next to people that are going to fail. No one knows it yet. The series would give wisdom for those in many industries. It would also be entertaining to see who will continue to succeed and who will have to find success another way.

4. “TeedUp Marketing Makeover”

The Challenge: Get a 5x revenue return for a business with a given marketing budget.

Challenge Accepted.

This could be the beginning to an episode of this series. TeedUp would come into a business that wants to improve their marketing and would do an initial analysis, accept the challenge, form a plan, implement the plan, track results. Viewers would come on the journey of what it takes to build and implement a winning marketing plan with real results and real dollars at stake. Businesses can be grown or fail. Stakes would be high.

5. “Business and Marketing Tips”

Pretty straight forward. For those who like their information to be easily digest-able. This would be both interview and simply a host talking to the camera. We would give our best business and marketing tips for those to learn from. All would be clear and actionable.